1.Design advantages

The design is based on the requirements of the first party (including the design of acrylic and production drawing, life support system and drawing of landscape, illustration of configuring type of fish and nurturing in later periods.) Our company cooperated with internationally renowned design firm Peddle Thorp Architects, consultants ATKIN (Atkins) cooperation on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced concept, combining with domestic design specifications, the overall design of the number of domestic aquariums.

2.Production advantages

Raw Brand:British Lucite PMMA(LUCITE PMMA)
Material advantages:High purity and transparency, we have been familiar with the brand of relevant features, through the mature technology in the production of high quality acrylic.
Production and installation of extra large and extra heavy acrylic (The largest single panel without Seamless, length 9.5cm * width 3m)

3.Installation advantages

Professional installation team

4.The professional aquarium LSS and landscaping team

5.Professional cultivation and maintenance team