Our company is one professional manufacturers, which import raw materials to produce large acrylic sheets. While supporting the first-class on-site installation services, adhering to the inception of the company "only one quality" the quality of ideas, to develop domestic and international markets, including large aquariums the share of exports with the acrylic plate, over the years in the country ahead, 80% of export acrylic for foreign commercial center, in the commercial center of the aquarium has accumulated a wealth of construction experience, is the Turkish group as designated suppliers, building more cooperation super-million project, including Antalya aquariums, aquarium Ankara, Next level shopping center; Division I at home and abroad has built a number of large commercial centers aquariums, UAE mushrif mall , aquarium Ankara, Turkey, Grandview 6F layer aquariums, Jiaxing Aquariums, Jiangmen Joy aquariums, Yancheng Golden Eagle International, Zhejiang Ocean City, Lu'an eastern Trade City Aquarium, Foshan City Aquarium, Chongqing Pearl River Sun City Marine Hall et al., currently under construction, there is good international Polar Ocean World, Shijiazhuang Yue Jin Zhenghai World Aquarium, Iran PADIDEH SHANDIZ SHOPPING MALL aquariums, which have been built and put into use God Bless city aquarium acrylic thickness of 380mm, a single block of acrylic weight up to 20T;

currently under construction in Grandview Polar Ocean World is the world's leading business center in aquariums projects,we are in a leading position in this industry.

  • 1、The registered capital: 12 million RMB   
  • 2、Companies associated with the plant occupies a total area of 75 acres, more than 120 employees, 60 percent have college education   
  • 3、Qualified production of 2500 tons of acrylic   
  • 4、The largest single panel without Seamless, length 9.5cm * width 3m   
  • 5、In the thick acrylic plate production, splicing, installation with practical experience of multiple projects   
  • 6、At present the installed acrylic project, no accident and zero complaint   
  • 7、A number of large domestic and foreign companies designated suppliers